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sunset that represents end of day with mania
Self Growth

5 Ways to Create Consistency during Mania

Recently, I’ve been struggling with significant aspects of mania. Although I am not officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder, my therapist and I have discovered that I experience periods of mania. Most significantly when I have to adjust to life changes, like moving back to college or when COVID first began. So I thought I would …

Bravery - suicidal thoughts

Why It’s Hard to ‘Celebrate’ the Anniversary of Speaking Up About Abuse

  “Why are you struggling with this anniversary? You were brave and survived through the trauma and you were willing to speak up about the abuse. You could be celebrating.” This has become one of the biggest questions that people have asked me recently. Every time it comes up I’m never really sure what the …

Why we shouldn't teach our children
Self Growth, Societal Issues

Why We Shouldn’t Teach our Children to Respect all Authority Figures

Why we shouldn’t teach our children to respect all authority figures. Recently, social media has been a storm of discussions due to the political climate. With the attempt to overturn the election and the riots at the capital, the comment sections have been filled with thousands of opinions and arguments. One particular comment was reoccurring …

COVID, Lifestyle, Trauma

5 Things to Know If You’ve Felt Survivor’s Guilt for Being Suicidal During COVID-19

  Trigger warning: This is a post about suicidal ideation during current events such as COVID. If you are feeling unsafe or in danger of hurting yourself, please reach out to someone you know or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255.   This year has been incredibly overwhelming physically and emotionally to everyone. The grieving …

Recovery, Self Care

Perfection: Something We Shouldn’t Sacrifice Our Health for

I recently returned back to college for my fall semester. As many people have mentioned, there has been an overwhelming amount of anxiety surrounding the college environment due to the accommodations  needed for the COVID- 19 circumstances. Although there have been many adjustments in our community,  the regular stress of college and academic pressure is …