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5 Items that You Should have in your Crisis Care Kit

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Trigger warning: If you struggle with self harm or experience suicidal thoughts, the following post could be potentially triggering, If you are feeling unsafe, you can contact the Crisis Text Line by texting “Start” to 741741.

Quickly in my recovery process, my therapist and I discovered a form of kit for when I struggle with suicidal ideation or am in crisis could be beneficial. A tool box of items that I could go to in times of crisis was necessary for my well welling. So here are 5 items you should have in your crisis care kit. 

1. A list of support people to call or text.

When I first went to college, this list was so necessary for my wellbeing. It is a visual of who I can call during times of crisis.This list was also significant to my friends when I wasn’t able to communicate for myself. Plus, it’s a great resource in case of emergencies. If you would like a template for your list, here is a great worksheet that is based upon my personal list! Village of Support Template

Village of Support Template    Village of Support - blue






2. Pictures of Friends, family and favorite moments

In my current dorm room I have pictures of some of my favorite  memories. I have the pictures of my wall, so I can see them. I also keep a few in my Crisis Kit, so I can remember all of the times I loved living and how I can experience that again. 

3. A weighted blanket 

Personally, I have had weighted blanket for almost three years and I swear by it. For me, I have faced significant trauma and weight can bring a sense of calmness and comfort to me in times of stress. I also struggle with body tics and the weight can be help in improving those as well. 

Some people do not like weighted blankets because they feel they are trapped. If you are interested, do some research to ensure that you buy a blanket that is weighted to your particular body size. 

If you are worried about the trapped feeling, but are still interested in trying a weighted product, a dear friend of mine owns a business called Awful Sloth. This is a small family owned business that creates homemade sloth weighted plushies. Each sloth even has a name and diagnosis that can join you on your journey in recovery.  

an image of a sloth plushy
awful sloth
picture of sloth

Here is where you can find one! 

Awful Sloth Weighted Plushies


4.  Some type of Fidget toys or activity

These are optional, but for me personally it’s really good to have something small I can play with. I struggle to calm my mind and stay still, so having a small activity can be great for times like that. There are several options for everyone. 

Here is a list of great options: 

  • Listening to music 
  • dancing to your favorite bops 
  • going for a run 
  • creating origami (my roommate in college used this and loved it!) 
  • crocheting/knitting 
  • playing a game with friends 
  • playing a music instrument

There are a lot of other great options as well! 

5. A journal  

Throughout my seven years of therapy, one of my biggest recommendations was to journal. I have written in several journals from that time and I truly believe it is one of the most beneficial recommendations I’ve ever had. No matter how you are writing, it can be meaningful. I know that even in times that I have struggled with the talking about my trauma, journaling was helping to process those events and feelings. 

Journaling is what led me here to write this blog. After years of journaling, I hope that my thoughts, feelings and recommendations can help someone else. 

Anyways, there is the 5 items you should have in your crisis care kit! I hope that this is helpful and beneficial to many of you. 

Stay safe and reach out if you feel unsafe. I am sending your love.