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Welcome to Breathing Bravery! I’m Destinie June, the owner of BB. I am a college student and part time blogger who hopes to share my experiences and tips for self growth & self care. Throughout my life, I have spent a lot of time facing my trauma and mental health struggles. I am now here to help you & remind you that you are not alone.

Destinie June

I want to preface this by acknowledging that I have been incredibly lucky that I have informed, compassionate parents. I am incredibly loved and supported. These are just some thing I wish I knew and things you can tell your children. …

Five Things to know if You are Contemplating Therapy

Recently, I had a student ask me if I decided to get help on my own or if I was forced. I told her that in many ways it was both because It was highly encouraged for me to see a therapist…

5 Items that You should have in your Crisis Care Kit

 My therapist and I discovered a kit for when I struggle with suicidal ideation or am in crisis could be beneficial. A tool box of items that I could go to in times of crisis was necessary for my well welling…

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