Destinie June

  I am college student, a preservice music educator, a daughter, a sister, a partner, as well as a survivor and advocate of trauma recovery and mental health. Bravery has always been my way of trying to get through the world. The idea of bravery reminds me of the power that each and every one of us have to get up and battle whatever may come our way. Being Brave is what keeps humans alive.
 I think that each day, bravery can look different. It will also look different for each and every person. Bravery can be riding a bicycle with no training wheels for the first time.  Bravery can be taking a college exam you were worried about. Bravery can look like loving your loved ones wholeheartedly. Bravery can be sharing your most deepest secrets. It can even look like just getting out of bed that morning. 
 When I started blogging, I decided that I can use my voice to create a community that understands the power of bravery, authenticity and kindness in their own lives.
We start today. Together.
Bravery. Authenticity. Kindness.